Quick Charge/Discharge Battery based on EWP platform (patent pending). It’s not a chemical reaction! 3X better than Lithium based technologies at 1/10th cost.  Once fully developed can achieve 3 KW/KG in volume of 1/6 ft3.

Step 1 – Water Chemistry

There is no comparable technology on the market today and is marketed under the EWP brand name by Aqua EWP. A dissolved mineral in an electrolyte solution (water based). The dissolved mineral will be removed and the mass transferred to the electrode.
Step 2 –(charging cycle) or Generate Hydrogen 2 CC/gram carbon

Electrodes used are made from activated carbon. When these electrodes are layered using a DC power supply, the individual electrodes are charged with different polarities. The dissolved mineral in the electrolyte have polarity charges are attracted to the opposite polarity of the electrode, thus removing the dissolved minerals from the electrolyte. These dissolved minerals are absorbed electrochemically on the electrode surface creating the charge due to mass deposition.

When sufficient dissolved minerals are transferred onto the electrodes, the charge increases.

Step 3 – Regeneration (discharge Cell i.e. conversion to useful work)

The minerals are released from the surface of the electrode simultaneously as discharge occurs and re-dissolves back into the electrolyte solution. This charge is then converted to useful work such as driving a DC motor.